Cruel to be kind

When Henry was still little and had just moved in with us we couldn’t let him go outside. He sat at the verandah window for hours and kept telling us that he really, really, really wanted to be in the garden.

When I coudn’t take his staring and moaning and begging anymore I decided to buy a harness. Henry wasn’t impressed. Although I bought the smallest size it took him only a couple of minutes to wriggle out of it.

So we kept him inside until he was mature enough (ha!) to be trusted to go outside. We really did it out of kindness but boy! did he accuse us of being cruel.

Square 30 for theΒ KindaSquare Challenge in October.

7 thoughts on “Cruel to be kind

  1. hee hee Septimus was just as cross with me! I used to take him out in my arms as I also found a harness hopeless. These days of course he has full access day and night – not that he uses it!!

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  2. So cute πŸ™‚ my daughter’s cat used to have a harness and was OK with it. She tied him to a brick so he couldn’t get at birds and lizards in the yard. He used to actually drag the brick around the yard!!!

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  3. Oh, hard to refuse that face! I was at a Portuguese lesson this morning and my teacher had a little stripey one who was very keen to escape too. He took to wrecking the house instead. A very naughty cat! 😦

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