Crowned oak and acorns

A family crest. — Addendum: I HAVE to add this. I found this crest (taken from a mausoleum) in my archives. I liked the crown and I liked the oaks and acorns and so I picked it for the challenge. However, I have a photo of the whole mausoleum so I checked the inscription out of curiosity. Here it is:

So this is the final resting place of one Georg Wilding with the title of a prince. His grandfather married a Neapolitan princess and thus came by the title. Now it happens that I have an American friend with this surname. She doesn’t THINK she is related but the acorns and oak seem oddly familiar to something she has seen in her father’s genealogy research. She will let me know. Isn’t this exciting / weird / strange / interesting?

Even if nothing comes of it, it made me renew a friendship.

Linked to the Ragtag Daily Prompt: Crown.

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