The successor of Kater Murr

The writer in the family, Henry, prefers writing by paw although he can also use the keyboard of the computer.

Sometimes finding the right words is agony.

But once the work is done he can sleep the sleep of the just.

Kater Murr is the feline fictional writer of the autobiography The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr. Murr, who is a proper fuddy-duddy of his time (early 19th century), writes his thoughts about his life and life in general on scrap paper he finds. On the flipsides of the papers are the fragments of a biography of the musician Kreisler, where ETA Hoffmann, the German Romantic-era author, set down his thoughts on art. The whole novel contrasts these two lives on opposite sides of the scale, it offers deep intellectual insights on Hoffmann’s ideas about art and aesthetics on the one hand, and humourous and wild anecdotes of the life of a tomcat.

Linked to the Ragtag Daily Prompt: Write.

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