Rewriting history

From 16th century until 1885 this square in Frankfurt am Main was known as the “Judenmarkt” (the Jewish market). In 1885 it was named officially as “Börneplatz” to honour Julius Börne, an early 19th century journalist born in the Jewish Ghetto of Frankfurt. In 1935 it was changed to “Dominikanerplatz” as names of Jewish people were eradicated by the Nazi government. In 1978 this injustice was rectified by the Frankfurt town council and the square was once again known as “Börneplatz”. While excavating the ground around the square for planned new buildings, the foundations of several antique Jewish buildings, two mikwehs amongst them, were found. After long discussions, the square was remodelled as the “Neuer Börneplatz” (new Börnesquare) which now includes a memorial with the almost 12,000 names of the known Jewish Frankfurt citizens who were victims of the Nazi annihilation policy.

Linked to One Word Sunday: History.

5 thoughts on “Rewriting history

  1. Love how they have captured the history of the square names.
    I just went through my Frankfurt photos to see if I had taken a photo of this square, but haven’t come across any.

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