Death of Rats

The black robed figure, the scythe, the skull and the skeletal hands … the grim reaper. Except, this one is somewhat smaller and is actually not DEATH HIMSELF but the Death of Rats. It’s the Grim Squeaker, obviously.

For more information please visit any Discworld book featuring DEATH or Susan (any after Reaper Man, that is).

Friday Fun: Iconic.

12 thoughts on “Death of Rats

    1. Discworld is wonderful. If you love layers, and references to history, literature through the ages, genres, politics, philosophical concepts … and jokes (even if they look like cheap ones they usually have a deeper meaning). Don’t start with the very first ones (Colour of Magic + Light Fantastic), Pratchett was still practicing. There are quite a few suggestions for reading orders on the net. Or if you want a quick introduction – Good Omens (which Pratchett wrote together with Neil Gaiman) has been made into a six part series, with Michael Sheen and David Tennant. It hasn’t as many layers as the book but it’s a great start into Pratchett’s word (and Gaiman’s) although it is NOT discworld.

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