Treating myself and others

It’s still dark outside but this early morning treat gets me going. For years I couldn’t drink coffee without the most severe heartburn, now that I can drink it again without problems, I consider it special.

Henry gets special treats occasionally and he likes it just as much as the next cat. He wears his feelings on the cheek, so to speak.

And is it too early to talk of Easter? [Yes, it is! even if the stores think otherwise.]

These are chocolate treats and not really special in Germany. Around Easter time they are rather commonplace. What makes them unusual are their looks: they represent cockchafer beetles, heralds of spring, and not, as horrified English visitors have remarked, cockroaches.

Finally, only yesterday Nancy had asked for tasty treats for her A Photo a Week Challenge (great minds think alike! – check out her site and the contributions) and I posted this photo:

Friendly Friday: Special Treats.

8 thoughts on “Treating myself and others

    1. Ooops, my comment broke up in mid sentence. ๐Ÿ˜ถ I’ll try again: They are nice. But I never forget that English friend telling her husband on the phone with revulsion in her voice: “They eat chocolate cockroaches over here!!”

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  1. You are a very disciplined pet owner to keep your cat’s special treats occasional!

    Those beetle chocolates are so unusual. I’ve never seen those before. I can imagine that children like them very much … although if I was new mom, I’d worry about the young ones picking up a reall beetle by mistake!

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