I’m a fan of snow sledding

As soon as there is a little snow (we are not that blessed with the white stuff in our region) the sleds come out

and we head to the slopes.

The challenge is to find a hill with an accessible slope and an acceptable incline.

And then the fun can begin.

It’s not a new past time – they show sleds in museums. And in some areas it’s not allowed, not even in summer.

I’m a Fan of … #97.

And because of numerous a single request:

9 thoughts on “I’m a fan of snow sledding

  1. Fantastic post, Elke πŸ‘ & I love the onesie (I hope there were cookies afterwards πŸ˜‹). I remember having a wooden sled like that when my dad was posted in Germany; we were the same, first sign of snow & headed to the nearest hill πŸ˜ƒ

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