It’s Not Christmas

There was of course, no Christmas Market this year. The closed-up stall in the deserted local park (i.e. the former castle grounds) seemed like a mockery of missed delights.

What joy when the stall opened its windows (sic!) in February offering all the traditional food items like roasted almonds, boiled sweets, candy floss and the like as well as sumptuous crêpes. With Grand Marnier and sugar for (my) preference.

The Ragtag Daily Prompt: Sumptuous.

10 thoughts on “It’s Not Christmas

      1. Ahh … but that is only logical: things might have to be bought or prepared in advance, left to marinate for a couple of hours or something. I usually skip breakfast and often lunch as well to indulge my gluttony with dinner.

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      2. After years of forcing me to have breakfast (“coz it’s the most important meal of the day”) I suddenly realised that whole nations do without it (or with very little) like the Italians, the French, the Spanish – and they are not waisting away and languishing with no energy. And I stopped. And found out: I’m doing fine with it. I guess it is: to each his&her own. 🙂

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