A Path With Guidelines

That’s the sign for “True Trail” – when you find this sign you know you are on the right way. Wouldn’t it be great if we had these fish skeletons signposted on our path through life and have all doubt removed?

Life would be boring. That’s why it can be more interesting to find these signs

even if they occasionally lead to a

U-Turn. And you back to the last point where you know you were right and try again.

Friday Fun: Your Path.

13 thoughts on “A Path With Guidelines

      1. It’s a kind of fox and hound run. One or two runners lay the trail (either a dead trail, a day or a few hours ahead, or a live trail when the foxes have a 10-15 minutes head start) and the pack follows. If the trail is well laid then the beauty of such a run is that the fast runners arrive at the end at more or less the same time as the slow coaches (like me) because they have run all the falsies. It’s a great way of non-competitive running.

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      2. Since we are non-competitive (“racist” behaviour is punishe – you have to drink a beer (or non-alcoholic drink not of your choice) for it) we have walkers, too. We are inclusive: some of us are getting a bit long in the tooth and so it depends from group to group (worldwide) how fast a run is.

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