When I am too slow

and the subject is moving:

A chaffinch, most likely.
A ray in an aquarium.

I used to delete such photos until my nephew asked: Why?

He’s right, of course. I wouldn’t have stuck these photos in a photo album but storage is not a problem these days. To be honest – the sense of movement, the essence of these animals, is somehow expressed through these less-than-perfect shots.

And occasionally a challenge comes along where I can even use these pictures.

The Ragtag Daily Prompt: Movement.

14 thoughts on “When I am too slow

  1. I agree – these are worth keeping and I have some in a folder that is called “mistakes” but they might come in handy for a challenge or writing post someday

    and both of the ones here have a nice mood – the green and lively first one and earth tones and quieter second one (to me at least)

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  2. I love such blurry captures, especially when the surroundings of the blurry subject aren’t so blurry as the subject it self.
    One handy option to capture such objects in movement is to use the Burst mode in camera.

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