African sky

Within a week we went from sub zero temperatures and snowy landscapes to springy 20° C with people walking around in t-shirts and shorts. But with this surge in temperature came another phenomenon which can be observed particularly during sunrise and sunset. Gone is the pink and orange glow instead the sky turns a dusky yellow.

The photos are not photoshopped (except for a little cropping). The last one is a close-up of the sun just before it dips behind the hills of the Palatium.

The reasons for these conditions is wind bringing sand from the Sahara to Europe. Dust from 3000 – 5000 km away is in the air and settling (thus, by the way, enriching our soil and has been doing so for hundreds of thousands years – thank you Afrika!). Here is a link to NASA showing this from high above: NASA.

Weekend Sky #18.

7 thoughts on “African sky

    1. One actually doesn’t feel anything. There are only the weird sunsets and sunrises to go by. I don’t know how people with breathing problems feel but for all others it is not noticeable (except for the unusually high temperatures). I went for a long bike ride and couldn’t tell.

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  1. Whoa!
    This phenomenon also occurs in my town in the last days of November and then later in the last days of January. Makes me feel a eerie 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing this my challenge 🙂

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