Not in My Backyard

Philippsburg Nuclear Power Station, finally decommissioned in 2019

We all need power. Hence there are power stations. This particular one – a bare 40km as the crow flies from where I live – is a nuclear one. It’s more than half an hour’s drive away, on clear days it kind of looms on the horizon but I had given it little thought until the earthquake and tsunami and consequent radiation at Fukushima happened.

The Ragtag Daily Prompt: Yard.

For a more traditional understanding of the word yard, you can also look at my One Word Sunday contribution from today. It is, however, just as ugly (if not as dangerous).

One thought on “Not in My Backyard

  1. The nuclear power plant in my city is located quite far away from the city. It recently started to generate but with limited capacity and few strict guidelines, which is kind of a good thing and not so good thing at the same time.

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