It’s never too late

I never played with Barbie dolls much when I was little and to be honest, I never much liked them. But I bought one as an Easter present for a little girl and I have been making clothes and jewellery for her this last week – I learned new ways to apply old skills.

Before wrapping her and her belongings I have started to take photos of her – and I am learning about staging and lighting and field of focus. Here are the first of hopefully a few more photos of her. Some more learning ahead and I have to do it in the next few days.

Friendly Friday: Something learned

9 thoughts on “It’s never too late

      1. Don’t be discouraged! Students learn by observing the masters. Maybe there’s something to learn from him. Pictures tell stories and I thought your Barbie picture was the beginning of a great adventure.

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    1. I’m not. But the wishes of a little girl… I checked those dolls out and found out that there are now curvy ones (my one has a rather big bum, at least for a Barbie). I couldn’t quite find my ideal combination of curvy, red-haired, movable and with a profession. But the profession I could add with various paraphernalia (she’s a chef). Her hair is more strawberry blond than the ginger she had in the photo (the little girl herself has the most beautiful ginger hair herself). She can move. Ah well.


  1. Your very own model! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Reading the comments though put me in mind of a guy who does great ‘film sets’ with little figures. Tobias something but I can’t remember his website address. Sorry! 😦

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