Do I really want it?

It’s not a flattering photograph. I didn’t even know I was in the shot until I got home as this was taken on the fly. I liked the slogan on the van, an advertisement for a local beer (We Want Wulle) because I could do something to it which involved our family name. My bad that the van was so shiny!

The Ragtag Daily Prompt: Stealthie

7 thoughts on “Do I really want it?

    1. No, Wulle is just a family name. English Wool = German Wolle, one O, two Ls. Since my family name is Woll I had a fun time when I lived in English speaking countries because although I ususally spelled my name, familiarity took over and it was spelled Wool. Except for the one time (in a newspaper, of all things) where they thought: She’s German, her name must have umlauts and they wrote Wöll. 😉

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      1. Oh I see, thank you for the lesson. Thats some really interesting stuff. I remember failing german because I never put the umlauts and inflections in the right places among other issues, lol

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