Found in a Park

Admittedly I’m cheating a bit here but by name the Kruger National Park in South Africa is a park.

The photos are not good quality, they were taken in the early 1980s. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t like glossy prints and the matt paper prints looked slightly fuzzy to begin with and don’t photograph too well. However, they record a very fond memory of mine, and the monochrome treatment does their age justice.

We were driving on the roads of the Kruger Park, somewhere between Skukuza and the Lower Sabie Rest Camp, when we saw a large yellow animal standing under the tree in the distance. Only when we got nearer we were realising that it was a lioness.

She stood stock-still on the side of the road. We admired her for quite a while until we had the idea to see what she was looking at. That’s when we realised that on the other side of the road were her cubs.

We were mesmerised. When we looked back at the lioness she had disappeared, obviously circumventing us. We drove off, thinking it would be better to let her get to her cubs undisturbed.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things found on a Picnic Table or a Park

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