Another Bright Idea

Going on a wine walk is a grand tradition. All the wine growers of an area get together, plan a route through the vineyards, put up stalls along the way where you can sit and eat and more importantly, sample the local wine. Then you move on until you find the next stall that looks inviting. But – you want to take your glass of wine with you and you want to have your hands free when walking. These glass holders are a really bright idea!

The trails may be up to 20 km. But never fear: The organisers usually organise a shuttle service to collect stranded hikers or have different access points that lead to the local bus service.

The third #BrightSquare

10 thoughts on “Another Bright Idea

      1. Other colours sound fabulous, you are amazing creating more than 40, and yes that is the correct spelling for the past tense. The English do strange things with their words, and the lack of rules well that’s another story! πŸ™‚

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      2. It just sounds way funny when it is pronounced. I usually try to avoid it in past tense. BTW: After about the 25th glass holder, the idea didn’t seem so bright anymore.

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