Three Different Types of Open Space

A huge open space for most of the year in the middle of the city: the Wiesn, the place where the biggest Octoberfest in the world takes place each September.

Brandenburg is as flat as country can be and there is nothing like seemingly endless skies to feel out in the open.

At the other end of Germany, the flatness of the Upper Rhine Valley is bordered by the Odenwald on one side, the Pfälzer Wald on the other side.

It’s the sky in all three examples that purports the sense of open country.

Colour can enhance that sense of wideness.

The Cosmic Photo Challenge: In the big wide open spaces

7 thoughts on “Three Different Types of Open Space

    1. I’m definitely a mountain person. I realised this most forcefully when returning for a holiday to Germany from Johannesburg (high plateau, not completely flat but no high mountains) and we drove to Austria. As soon as the mountains got higher my heart started leaping!

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