The Goddess of Harmony

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, wisdom, learning, art and music. Together with Lakshmi and Parvati she forms a trinity. Saraswati is often depicted with four arms, in which she holds four items with symbolic meanings. The most important of them is a veena, a musical instrument which represents all creative arts and sciences, and Saraswati holding it symobolizes her knowledge of harmony. Thus some refer to her as the goddess of Harmony.

Friday Fun: Harmony

7 thoughts on “The Goddess of Harmony

  1. Now that you mention it. I found the statue in the yard of a stone mason where it was braving the elements. The greenish parts may be the beginning of moss.


  2. Beautiful portait. So happy to have come across a Hindu god. Being a Hindu I would like to tell you she is the god we pray to before starting kids first school before our school exams. There’s a whole festival for goddess saraswathi which is an important factor for us Hindus. Thanks for posting it.

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