Bees dig the plum blossoms

and humans dig the fruit (the first part is a quote by Charles Olson).

Charles Olson was an American poet, hitherto unknown to me.

Since we are particular here about our fruits, I probably shouldn’t have called this a plum but rather a damson (although all damsons are plums, yet not all plums are damsons).

The Ragtag Daily Post: Plum

7 thoughts on “Bees dig the plum blossoms

    1. There is a special kind of jam called Latwerg (is south-western Germany) which is cooked for days (literally, my husband tells of shifts at pot which needed stirring even as a child). The result is a chewy, sticky, dark mass which is used on bread (just as jam but very different) or for cakes. It is absolutely delicious and luckily available in stores these days.


    1. Because they taste completely different. If I’d bake a plum cake and a cake with damsons – that’ll be two completely different cakes, as different as an apple cake and a peach cobbler. Here is a photo (not mine) of a cake made of damsons, typical for south west Germany. You can see the fruit beside it – it’s not what I get if buy a plum.

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