Purple Sunsets

They look altered but these sunsets looked like that in real life. Particularly the sky looking towards the west from castle Breuberg in the Odenwald was amazing. I took the photos in December.

These are the water slides of the local water park. I can’t remember whether they look that appealing on the inside.

My second purple offering for Life in Colour.

13 thoughts on “Purple Sunsets

    1. Thank you. I take little credit, though, this was nature’s work (I guess pollution had something to do with it as well – remembering a quote from Good Omens (Pratchett/Gaiman): ““There’s one thing you can say for air pollution, you get utterly amazing sunrises.” – it holds true for sunsets as well, I guess).


      1. I think I understood that correctly. It was my attempt to show worry about our (aka humans’) ways to mess up the world. (emojis are not always unambiguous)

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      2. It’s hard to know in Australia if it’s actually nature or what they called controlled burns. Controlled burns are started to stop nature! But nature gets in the way and these controlled burns soon become uncontrolled.

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  1. Those skies are a delight. I have a purple sunset coming up, also during winter if I remember rightly. I particularly like the one with the tree.


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