Not a high mountain but definitely not a hill as it is well over the 1000 foot mark, provided that is really the magical threshold which turns a (mole)hill into a mountain. It is called Melibokus and it is the highest mountain of the Odenwald on the side where it drops off to the Upper Rhine Valley in Central Germany. The climb from the town of Zwingenberg at its foot to its peak of 517 metres plus the elevation of the lookout tower and a US Army radio mast is quite steep and although no alpine feat also not for those faint of heart and sore of foot.

I chose this photo for the Friendly Friday Challenge where Amanda has asked for Mountain tops

because I passed the location today and used the camera of my new phone for the first time. The photos are definitely a lot better than what my previous phone could do but I already know that I won’t take pictures with it often. I use my phone for a lot but it just doesn’t feel right for my hands and fingers when I take snaps.

Anyway, here is a long shot from close to the autobahn looking towards the Melibokus. I even managed to include my shadow – not by design.

2 thoughts on “Melibokus

  1. I think it is great that you are in the photo, albeit in silhouette! You are right the photograph belies the height of the mountain. I didn’t know that 1000 m was the defining boundary, either so I have learnt something from your post. From a distance, mountain flora often looks the same the world over, but it is in the smaller details that we discover individual beauty. I am sure Melibokus is beautiful to hike in and around. And a magnificent summit view would be worth the trouble.
    Your small roll/s have been a pleasure to see! Thanks for joining in the Friendly Friday Blog Challenge.

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    1. The trailer from “The Englishman who went up a hill …” to explain about the 1000 feet. — I haven’t thought about the film in a long time but recently heard an audio book where a character was called “old man Garrow”. It was pronounced with a lilt and a rolled R and I kept thinking I’ve heard that before. It really bothered me and I tried to find that word in the recesses of my mind. Every now and again I would roll “Garrow” around my mind. Viewing the trailer I just had an epiphany: The Welsh hill/mountain in the film is called Ffynnon Garw. I can sleep well again!


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