Einhard’s Basilica in Steinbach

There are not many buildings left from the Carolingian area in Germany. The most famous is the Lorsch Abbey near Worms in the Rhine Valley, a UNESCO world heritage site. The basilica of Einhard, about 40km to the east, is less well-known. This is a model on the site.

Einhard, who was amongst many other functions at the court the biographer of Charlemagne, had the basilica built in the early part of the 9th century and endowed it with relics, probably in order to make it into a centre of pilgrimage. His plans did not come to fruition and the relics were removed to Seligenstadt in the North. Other clerical buildings of the time were renovated and modernised throughout the century whereas this basilica was left mostly in its original state.

Imagine approaching this building at a time when most buildings were hardly higher than a man!

The Cosmic Photo Challenge: Buildings of the Past

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