The Next 25 Hundred Kilometers

I treated myself to a pedelec a last year and in the first 12 months I clocked up almost exactly 2500 km. I set myself the challenge to equal that this year. But with being back at school and May being almost completely rained out, I wonder if I stand a chance to meet my challenge.

Here is a photo of Wynona Rider (that’s the name of the bike) in front of vineyard. If anybody is wondering, when the picture was taken – there is an unmistakable clue that it is 2021.

The Ragtag Daily Prompt: Challenge

7 thoughts on “The Next 25 Hundred Kilometers

  1. Well done you. I’m up to 1200 on foot so far this year, so maybe we can both meet our goals? I can’t ride a bike at all. It’s obvious to me that a machine only a few cm. wide can’t stay upright with a human body on it. So I fall off.

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