High Vantage Point

Used to be, roofs didn’t have ornaments but practical structures (discounting churches and the like). This metal contraption was to help storks to build a nest on the ancient tower. It has not been in use for many years as the storks have decided to roost rather closer to the meadows and fields where frogs and mice can be found.

When decorative turrets for ordinary houses came in fashion, they were mostly modelled on the cockerels of old. These days they are often made of terracotta and not metal as of old.

And then the little guys in nightgowns showed up. At first, I just noticed sleep walkers but they soon had different poses, they were jumping and cheering or just sitting and contemplating the world.

Lately, I’ve seen horses and – dragons! I love the dragons.

There is always the natural option, I supposed, in black or white.

Or black and white and red.

And there is the combination of natural and terracotta if you can’t make up your mind:

The Ragtag Daily Prompt: On the roof

11 thoughts on “High Vantage Point

      1. Well, I normally look at your photos (and those of other bloggers) more or less on the day they are posted. Now that I am teaching again, I have to look at them in big batches 😀

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