We Were Watching It Burn

On a walk last year, we were on a bridge and we saw these great billows of smoke in the distance. Without the zoom on my camera we couldn’t clearly make out what was burning. It turned out to be this boat which was literally ablaze.

I posted the photo on social media and met haters who questioned my morality posting this, accused me of being a gawker and even of obstructing rescue efforts. I had to post the photo below to show how far we were away and I found newspaper articles to show that nobody was hurt.

What do you think? Should I have walked away and not taken any pictures? At the time, I really didn’t think anybody was in danger (and nobody was).

The Ragtag Daily Prompt: Burn

5 thoughts on “We Were Watching It Burn

  1. Haters goner hate as my kids would say. How are journalists allowed to take photos then, is it only professionals allowed? Some people have nothing better to do than scroll and troll

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    1. I thought so. My social media posts are almost all private but I do post on a regional photographers’ site – usually full of the same sights from various angles, in different light etc. and lots of flowers, insects and birds. Not a harsh word but lots of 💖 etc. Hence I was taken aback by the reaction.

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  2. I think it’s a matter of respect. Someones, prized boat is burning and you’re taking pictures. The owner of the vessel would not want to see their worst day plastered in pictures everywhere. That said its no reason to hate upon you as the photographer. You have free right to take pictures of whatever you like.


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