Merry Go Round

Since one of the words in Paula’s Thursday’s Special Pick a Word was CONTINUITY I thought I start with a circle because every photos has two of the words in it.

The Red Mosque situated in the palace gardens of the Schwetzingen Castle is turned inward with continuing elements: INWARD + CONTINUITY.

The Walderdorffer Hof in Bensheim, build around 1395 is considered to be the oldest completely preserved half-timbered house in the southern part of the state of Hesse: CONTINUITY + REFLECTION.

One of the high rise buildings in Frankfurt am Main, a stronghold of the European banking industry: REFLECTING + STRONGHOLD.

Veste Otzberg on a hill in the Odenwald was built as a stronghold and can only be reached on foot: STRONGHOLD + PEDESTRIAN.

Whether you consider the walk of this tortoise pedestrian or its whole demeanour pedestrian there is no doubt that this animal can turn inward if it needs to be: PEDESTRIAN + INWARD.

Thursday Special: Pick a Word

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