Carline Thistle

The alpine garden at Schynige Platte, a smallish mountain ridge in the Bernese Alps, is at 2000m altitude and most alpine wildflowers can be seen here in their natural habitat. An amazing place.

This is a carline or silver thistle.

Friendly Friday: Wildflowers


one last look at silver & white for Life in Colour.

11 thoughts on “Carline Thistle

      1. Read more Asterix! (sorry, I quoted Asterix in Switzerland the other day to another blogger, it’s just a wonderful send up of all things Swiss (very flat country, according to Obelix). The Gauls go there to find an edelweiss.


      2. I couldn’t get the link to open on my phone, but it works fine on the pc and tablet. I see now how different Edelweiss is from the other flower. Nature surprises when a thistley prickly plant can still be attractive to the eye. Thanks for joining in the challenge, Knickers!

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