7 thoughts on “A Formidable Opponent

    1. While we can chose the last two letters in Germany we have regional letters for the first 1-3. So you might have to make to with MSP but if you live in Frankfurt the options are open.

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      1. It works by size: The largest cities have one letter (Berlin has B, Munich/München has M, Cologne/Köln has K, etc.). If a city is in line but the single letter has already been assigned it gets 2 letters (thus Bonn has BO). Then there is 3 letters (that’s the max). Many 3 letter signs are areas (like MTK = Main-Taunus-Kreis, incidentally twinned with Solihull in the UK.
        These assignments were done in the 50s in West Germany and re-unification messed that up a bit (a lot of 3 letter plates come from the East). Until about 15 years ago, one didn’t have a choice for the next 2 letters and the numbers but now you can pick (it’s 10 Euros for that privilege).

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      2. Thats such a fun registration system.
        Funny how the twinning thing is done. They’re never close to being the same. I was born in Norwich twinned with Rouen-Koblenz-Novi-Sad. So not the same in anyway lol

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