That is (a) handy!

“Handy” is one of these words that move from one language to another and take on a different meaning in the process. Mobile phones (or cell phones in the US and in South Africa) have come to be known as “Handys” (yes, that’s the correct plural in German) and ignore that it means something completely different in English. Probably, because they are handheld and hand is the same word in German, albeit written with a capital.

One Word Sunday

4 thoughts on “That is (a) handy!

  1. It was your comment about “mobile” not necessarily meaning phone to some people, that made me add handy as a theme. It’s a term that has always struck as such a casual and affectionate name for a phone, whereas cell phone sounds more official and technical.
    And the plural is interesting – I didn’t know that

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