All Washed Out

We were at the zoo over the weekend. The brightest animals were the flamingoes.

For the PPA Challenge I photographed a few kitchen gadgets. This is Tom, the tea bag holder.

Every day I am passing the local cemetery on my way to and from school, and every day I sneak a peek over the wall and there are four different colouring watering cans hanging next to the tap.

And then, the orchids are flowering.

The Cosmic Photo Challenge: Drain the Colours

6 thoughts on “All Washed Out

    1. Glad you like them. I like to mention that all my orchids are rescue orchids. Some idiot neighbour throws them in the dustbin when their first blooms fall off.


  1. It’s amazing what a little touch of extra color can do, isn’t it? Elke, I love your rescue orchids, too Tom is cute too and the watering cars are certainly colorful. 🙂 Thanks for joining in. 🙂

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