On my cycling trip through the Odenwald last week I passed this house on the side of the road, set apart from other houses. I was wondering about the contrast of the new roof and dormer windows and the lower stories.

The entrance facing the street seemed unused.

The shingles were in a dilapidated state. So I took a few shots of details.

Then I remembered Ludwig’s challenge and started to take photos of the windows of the house. Boarded up and –

… yikes! What is this?!

I packed up my camera and started to pedal away from the house. Better safe than sorry!

Monday Window

7 thoughts on “Surprise!

    1. Right. 😀 A friend commented that it might be grandma who was propped up to collect pension money. Another thought it might be a character from a children’s book series popular in Germany 30 years ago. But the best suggestion was simply one word: Yorick!

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