Training with the Bike

Cycling with the train.

A couple of weeks ago we took the bikes and a train.

That’s the Odenwald Bahn, the red train running from Weinheim to Fürth/Odw.

We ditched the train at the end of the line and cycled back, all 17 kilometers.

Bye, bye, train!

The Ragtag Daily Prompt: Train

7 thoughts on “Training with the Bike

    1. Naw. On a bike 18km is an hour. And the route was chosen for the beginner in our group, it’s basically all flat with an imperceptible (but actual) decline because it follows a small river.


      1. It really is. I do have a pedelec (i.e. with an e-motor assisting up to 25kmh but because our son and grandson were complaining about my unfair advantage I switched the assist off for the whole ride).

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