The eldest parts of Schloss Fürstenau in Steinbach, part of Michelstadt im Odenwald, were built in the 14th century. It is still used residentially which is why the court yard is only open for a few hours each day. The newest part is the “new palais” on the left. The renovated white, grey and gold façade is quite the opposite of the more mellow, medieval parts.

One Word Sunday: Opposite and Opposing

10 thoughts on “Contraposition

    1. I had hardly any time to take photos. The people living in the new palais open their court yard only a short time each day to the public and we had less than 10 minutes to rush in, click, and rush out (they might have been gracious, I never saw anybody, but we didn’t want to intrude). I plan to go back.


  1. At least the old and the “new” go together well, at least in my opinion. When we lived in Cleveland, the wonderful art museum was expanded but the new section was distinctly modern compared to the original. I didn’t care for it, although the extra space was wonderfully done and made the museum even better.


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