I’m a Fan of Geocaching

We are novices at geocaching and found our first two caches this week. The first one was a plastic capsule hidden in a fork of a tree in a bog near a pond. We were so inexperienced that we didn’t carry a pen to put our name down so I took a photo of the event.

This was the site of the second cache we attempted. It is definitely the right site but we didn’t find the cache. We later spoke to some more experienced lookers and they hadn’t found the cache either so it probably wasn’t our fault.

The third one was a teaser. We had the right location and we looked and looked and were just about to give up when another geocacher came who remembered a similar hiding place from a before. Would you believe that what looks like a screwed on square metal plate is actually a magnetic plate with the cache behind it?

We had fun.

I’m a fan of … #126

4 thoughts on “I’m a Fan of Geocaching

    1. No, unfortunately not. Nor was it in any of the pipes etc. And the description of the cache specifically warned not to tread on the flowers in the flowerbed … :-/ I will keep a look out in the app if somebody mentions anything about it in the future.

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