Another Fiver

A solitary bird not up a creek but up a tree.

This is the cold water geysir in Andernach, the largest cold water geysir in the world. It errupts so regularly that tourist visits are timed around it. The erruptions are quotidian.

Lorsch Abbey, dating back to the 8th century, is an impressive building today – imagine how astonishing it must have been for people 1000 years back.

A snake is a flexuous animal and what more iconic snake than Kaa from the Jungle Book?

Plastic is perdurable as are apparently, some stupid racial stereotypes. In defense of the company which uses this logo, their name has the word “moor” in it, yet maybe the time has come to change such imagery (and the plastic).

astonishing – perdurable – flexuous – solitary – quotidian

Lost in Translation: Thursday’s Special in August

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