A Great Disc

I remember seeing this sculpture in Darmstadt and I saw it as a geometric structure, a circle filled with cubic shapes. It is located in front of the Staatstheater at the Georg-Büchner-Platz. It’s called Grande Disco, by Arnaldo Pomodoro.

The landmark of Darmstadt can be seen in the middle, a pictorial rendering of the Hochzeitsturm (wedding tower) which is also called the Fünf-Finger-Turm (five finger tower). This tower is a superb example of art nouveau architecture, a work all by itself.

However, when I prepared this post and I looked at the thumbnail of the photo, i.e. a very small version of the photo, all I could see was a flower.

Photographing Public Art Challenge #13

6 thoughts on “A Great Disc

    1. That whole quarter of Darmstadt is amazing. Mathildenhöhe has become a UNESCO world heritage site this July and it started in 1899 as a colony of artists. The wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darmstadt_Artists%27_Colony is as good a place as any to start getting information about it. The Five Finger Tower was built in 1908, I think, to commemorate the engagement of the reigning duke. It can be booked as an official wedding location to this day.

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