A Walk on the Wild Side

One of our most memorable vacations was walking the Otter Trail on the Wild Coast of South Africa, in the Tsitsikamma National Park.

Hiking along the steep coastal ways, wading through river mouths (and on one memorable occasion swimming through one) and up the river course to collect sweet water, watching dolphins and spotting otters, all the while carrying all supplies on our back as there were no other people within at least two days’ walk. We woke every night to look for Halley’s Comet (that dates the vacation, doesn’t it?). Halley’s is definitely in our past and not our future.

The wildlife we saw in abundance were dassies (hyrax). I’m having difficulties in reproducing these old prints of photos but this one rather gained in the process. It does look like a painting, doesn’t it?



Past Square #21

[Disclaimer: The photos have been photographed from prints.]

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