Remember Gutenberg?

Most people know Johannes Gutenberg as the inventor of the movable-type printing press in the 15th century. He had a collaborator in Peter Schöffer, an alumni of the Sorbonne in Paris where he studied either law or theology. He improved on Gutenberg’s invention and was critically important in establishing the idea of copyright. Today he is considered to be one of the best printers, editors and booksellers of Europe who pushed the artistic boundaries as well as the economic possibilties of the book trade.

He was born in Gernsheim on the river Rhine where in 1836 they put up a monument in his honour.

He lived in Mainz and his estate was known as the Schöfferhof where later somebody established a brewery. To this day, Schöfferhofer is a well-known wheat beer brewed in Mainz.

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8 thoughts on “Remember Gutenberg?

    1. I came upon the statue on an outing (I knew the beer but not the man) and read up on him. Gutenberg was not a great business man it seems – unlike Schöffer who sided with the creditors of Gutenberg, even married the daughter of the main one.

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