Downtown Surprise

Wedged between the river Main and a mixed neighbourhood of houses, workshops and stores, situated next to the nightclub district of Frankfurt is a curious piece of urban enclave. It’s as if it has been forgotten by the urban planning department. An old and run-down collection of garden plots, many of the allotments are overgrown and look neglected, quite different to the neat and orderly Schrebergärten that are so characteristic for German weekend gardeners. Yet there are signs that many of the allotments are in use; swings and slides bear witness of playing children, brick and metal barbecues are kept clean for the next party, some of the seemingly dilapidated huts feature neat stoops with loveseats, and one can glimpse worn but well-kept tools under rusty awnings.

The paths through this jungle are overgrown, and curvy, it feels like being in a maze. Many of the allotments seem to have no direct access to any road. Surprisingly, in between the plots are narrow waterways which are overgrown, and with an occasional plank forming a makeshift bridge.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water, Water Everywhere and of course, also linked to Jez’ Water, Water Everywhere

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