Stringing Along the Words

Some mind-sets do not merit praise.

incognizant = lacking knowledge and awareness

Some people still won’t wear masks and won’t get vaccinated. That’s simply immature behaviour.

juvenile = physiological immature

This young mallard is already showing signs of maturing and will do so given enough time.

elapsing = time going or passing by

It’s not quite a melting clock of Salvatore Dali but it has a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey quality about it and yet still showing the passing of time.

utilitarian = aiming at utility

Just as this fish which is quite useful. It can separate egg yolks from egg whites. So functional and practical it is, but not really praiseworthy.

meritorious = commendable, worthy of praise

The words on the gravestone of Friedrich Ebert, the first democratically elected president of Germany. read: “The aim of my endeavour is the welfare of the people.”

His life is testament to his intentions which brings us back to the top of the page.

Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in January

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