Step Outside and *splash*

Jez oddity today is a door in an odd place. I think I can top the oddness – imagine stepping out of this door and falling in a little scream — 😂 oh, what a beautiful typo! I had to leave it. The stream is called Gerberbach and was an artificial branch of the Grundelbach servicing the tanners living in this quarter. They lived right on the water and often had small bridges outside their doors, often now dismantled.

With or without bridge, it’s odd, isn’t it?

Odd Square #15

9 thoughts on “Step Outside and *splash*

    1. Ich glaube Gerbergasse, aber sicher bin ich nicht. Musst du gucken gehen 😉 Übrigens, weil ich sicher machen wollte, habe ich Google Maps in Groß angeguckt und die verorten das Kerwehaus schräg gegenüber vom Gemeindehaus der Stadtkirche. Seltsam.

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