I’m a Fan of Donkeys

Eeyore, Donkey, Mistlletoe, Sylvester … the one in Aesop’s fable, the one from the Town Musicians from Bremen. All of them.

And the cherry donkey on the top:

Upon Donkeyskin, a street and a wellknown vineyard site in the wine growing region of Neustadt a.d. Weinstraße

I’m a fan of … #146

6 thoughts on “I’m a Fan of Donkeys

  1. Oh, me too. We have two in the next village. They work twice a year, on both occasions for the church. They go there on Palm Sunday, the day that Jesus apparently went to Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, and around Christmas time, for the Nativity Play.

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    1. When I was part of a passion play our Jesus did NOT ride on a donkey. He walked next to his donkey. The reason being was that at the first rehearsal with live animals the donkey got scared of the palm fronds that the kids waved in front of her (it was a pregnant she-donkey). Jesus landed in the ditch. Second rehearsal: The children were told to keep the palm fronds low – and as a result the donkey’s knees were tickled. Jesus landed in the ditch. We never recovered. And Jesus walked leading his donkey into Jeruslalem. The local nuns were a bit puzzled but after we explained the situation they accepted it. 😄

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