I’m a Fan of Wynona Rider

Wynona being my bicycle, of course. We have been together for 4444km and less than 2 years. This milestone was reached last week ironically at the same point were I fell and ended up with a light concussion. Which is, on second thought, not all that remarkable since I pass this spot at least 8 times each week on my way to school.

I’m a fan of … #146

6 thoughts on “I’m a Fan of Wynona Rider

    1. It was about 18 months ago. I came home from a long ride and said to my husband: “I have hurt my hand, apparently, and – oh, look, my helmet is cracked …” I have absolutely no recollection what happened. Because of the tracker that was switched on I know where it happened, I had a 10 minute break close to home where there shouldn’t have been a break. I’m missing about 30 minutes in my life. But – I was fine, no pain (except in my hand which was scraped), and except for the memory loss no symptoms typical for a concussion. I haven’t driven 100m without helmet since then.

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  1. So glad you’re okay after your spill & were wearing a helmet; we never leave the house without ours on (when going out on the bikes of course, otherwise we would look silly 🤣) Nice to know that Wynona came through the incident unscathed. That’s an impressive distance in only 2 years 😃

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