I’m a Fan of April Suprises

After last weekend’s snow we had a bit of reprieve during the week and then Friday night came and brought us this:

Quite a few jokers posted their photos on social media and captioned them “Merry Christmas!” It certainly was a lot more snow than what we saw in December or in fact, throughout the whole of winter.

But the magnolia blossoms wouldn’t hide.

Nor would the tulips.

Morning brought sunshine and a world covered under a white blanket.

Nobody could come and go in secrecy.

The snow was thawing fast, though, and the colours came back.

We decided to go for a drive up the hills where snow always lasts a little bit longer.

We found our favourite slope.

We had brought our sleds and the grandkids

and made the best of this April surprise.

I’m a Fan of … #153

8 thoughts on “I’m a Fan of April Suprises

    1. It’s not THAT unusual. We always used to get some snow in April. But the amount was surprising and also, the warm temperatures immediately before and after (I’ve just come back from a small cycling tour, collecting my bike from its spring service – sweating profusely, it’s 15°C and rising).

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