Water, Water Everywhere in June

This post will be linked coming Monday to Jez’ Water, Water Everywhere Challenge.

Surging: The Andernach geyser is the highest cold-water geyser in the world, reaching between 30 and 60 metres. A cold-water geyser surges up similar to a hot-water geyser, except that CO2-bubbles drive the eruptions – which makes the water extra frothy.

Swirling: A man-made (actually child-made) water eddy on a playground – children turn the handle moving a water propeller and create enough suction to create the eddy.

Perched: A pigeon perched on a wire watching the water of the river Neckar flowing towards the Rhine

Vaulted: A jet ski driver jumping in Rhine waters and attempts to vault over the tree – which, if the attempt is successful, is then a vaulted tree.

Bouldery: Some people have a rockery in their front yard. Some have a bouldery. Which is devoid of all water but kind of looks like a stream trickling down the slope.

Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in June


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