Mannheim, the Springfield of Germany

The other day I came across this barber shop in Mannheim. There was

Homer and Marge

Lisa and Maggie

and Homer and Marge again:

But where was Bart? I kept looking. And then … can it be?! Is one of them grown-up Bart?

Photographing Public Art Challenge

14 thoughts on “Mannheim, the Springfield of Germany

    1. Yes, I guess. The barber was a Turkish/German guy, though. He saw me taking the photos and was interested why I was taking pictures and we got talking. He couldn’t explain why the Simpsons, though, I think it was the artist who liked them.

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  1. The tattoos are interesting. Updated Simpsons. Also interesting that Bart is grown but Lisa and Maggie aren’t. The barber tools are appropriate and fun too. A great pick for this week, Elke.

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