Think Sphinx, Think Egypt – Not!

When one thinks of sphinxes one normally thinks of Egypt. But the mythical creatures have settled in different parts of Europe. They often appear in twos.

This magnificent sphinx looks down from the top of the National Gallery in Edinburgh.

This more modern interpretation of a sphinx sits on Victoria Square in Birmingham.

Even more modern is this standing sphinx seen near the lake in Böblingen. Unfortunately, a victim of a bad paint job.

Sphinxes seem to be drawn to museums. This Art Nouveau specimen crowns the cupola of the Wiesbaden museum together with two non-sphinx companions.

And finally, this rather buxom beauty and its twin sit – of all places – in front of a tomb in a cemetery in Heidelberg.

Photographing Public Art Challenge


3 thoughts on “Think Sphinx, Think Egypt – Not!

  1. Your sphinxes are really unusual. I’m laughing at the busty lion, Elke. I’m sure the Egyptians didn’t have any sphinxes that looked like they had had plastic surgery! LOL I’m glad you called some of the very modern statues sphinxes. I would not have given them that label, but they definitely fit the bill. I just learned that sphinxes have magical powers and can manipulate solar energy and neutralize other magical powers. Wow! These are all fun! 🙂 Thanks for linking, and as you know, you never have to fit my theme because there is none. 🙂

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