Signs of Hoarding

I was surprised to find the technical term for boarding around building sites is hoarding: Construction Hoarding, or A-Class Hoarding, is the use of boards, fences or other standing structures to signal and secure the boundary of a construction site.

And every now and again these public spaces are used creatively. Like in Wiesbaden. A museum made the bare surfaces into a exhibition called “Abstraktion im Quadrat”. It was a co-operation between artists and various schools.

The photos were taken on the run – I would have liked to have more leisure instead of taking rushed pictures.

Photographing Public Art #67


4 thoughts on “Signs of Hoarding

  1. Hi Elke, On the run or not, these photos brighten up my day! Such vividness! I bet they perked you up too! 🙂 I love abstract paintings with bright colors. I think they are worth a second “run” at them when you are not in a hurry and can enjoy the pace. 🙂

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