Wine Princess

The German Wine Queen represents the German wine industry for a year. The different wine growing areas have princesses who represent their territories. Thanks to COVID Franziska Etsch’s reign for the Badische Bergstraße has been a few years more than she expected. Her poster is still up and looking over the local vinyards although I believe her crown has now been passed to a new dignitary.

Walking Square #3




5 thoughts on “Wine Princess

    1. They are appointed by the local wine growers. I guess once upon a time there was an election amongst them but these days it’s not that easy to find young women that are willing to combine their job with the duties of a wine princess and in some ways put their life on hold for a year. In bigger wine growing areas there are competitions – the women are tested on their competence (knowledge about wine in general and the particular cultivars etc. of the area, how they present themselves, how well they can speak etc.). In former times it used to be the pretty daughters of the winegrowers, now they are often vintners themselves or work in various capacities in the wine growing industry.

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