Gruffalo and Friends

More than three years ago, a Gruffalo statue was erected on the path leading up to the castle ruin which overlooks our town. The mouse was standing next to him but vandals took off her ears more than once. The town removed the original to the local museum, and decided to make lemonade out of the lemon. They saw the potential for an attraction, made a Gruffalo path with six stations.

There is the new mouse,

the fox,

the owl,

the snake,

and at the end, the Gruffalo himself,

who is now flanked by the Gruffalo child instead of the old mouse.

Every station has a QR-code on a sign where visitors can listen to our mayor or other personalities reading a part of the story. Furthermore there is a simple question and if the little ones present their answers to the tourist information they receive a small prize.

It was a really a fun walk (or ride) up to the castle, a bit steep but I have done it often. Which figure do you like best? My favourite is the fox, for very personal reasons.

Walking Square #25



14 thoughts on “Gruffalo and Friends

    1. It totally is. The German publisher, Beltz, has generally wonderful children’s books – for over years now – and it is situated in our town. That’s where the connection is. The Gruffalo, btw. was hewn out of one very old tree, an oak which was hit by lightning.

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      1. There are also dialect versions of it in German besides the standard German. Julia Donadson and Axel Scheffler are such a great team. He was there when the large Gruffalo statue was unveiled.

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    1. I’ll never know that the attraction is. Also, the information boards have already been “tagged”, i.e. spray painted with a sprayer’s signature. Leave your mark in the world, by all means, but not by defacing somebody else’s work.


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